Alex Oppenheimer
Alex Oppenheimer

Alex Oppenheimer

I am originally from Marin County, California (see photo above). After spending some time in Washington, DC, I moved to Israel in 2016. I currently live in Jerusalem with my family and make regular trips to the US and Europe.

I have been working in finance and with startups since 2011. I genuinely enjoy building models for companies ranging from early stage SaaS companies to mid stage marketplaces to late stage robotics companies and everything in between.

I am an excel junkie by training, but also use other tools like Causal, Row64 and Google sheets, as they allow me to unlock powerful integrations, visualizations and other features that do a great job of telling a story with numbers and creating useful tools for operators.

I write about engineering approaches to business and finance.





Gumroad: (my templates for managing a VC fund and for managing angel investments)

How I spend my time:


Some Chronology:

1988 - 2007: Growing Up
2007 - 2011: Stanford
2011 - 2013: Morgan Stanley
2013 - 2016: NEA
2016 - 2017: GE Israel
2017 - 2020: Advising
2020 - Present: Verissimo Ventures
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