Alex Oppenheimer
Alex Oppenheimer

Alex Oppenheimer

I am originally from Marin County, California. After spending some time in Washington, DC, I moved to Israel in 2016. I currently live in Jerusalem with my family and make regular trips to the US and Europe.

I have been working in finance and with startups for about a decade. I genuinely enjoy building models for companies ranging from early stage SaaS companies to mid stage marketplaces to late stage robotics companies and everything in between.

I am an excel junkie by training, but also use other tools like Causal, Row64 and Google sheets, as they allow me to unlock powerful integrations, visualizations and other features that do a great job of telling a story with numbers and creating useful tools for operators.

I write about engineering approaches to business and finance.

Gumroad: (my templates for managing a VC fund and for managing angel investments)

How I spend my time:


I run a venture fund called Verissimo Ventures that allows me to stay aligned with early stage entrepreneurs and companies that I advise. We don't always invest in the companies we advise and we don't always actively advise the companies we invest in, but we commit to being a resource for our entrepreneurs and companies at every step of the company lifecycle.


I started a RevOps company with a friend. We help companies implement best practices across both the go-to-market flow AND product + finance. Bringing 10 years of working with companies making their backend operations match the quality of their front end products, I have distilled some of the key challenges and opportunities for companies to grow efficiently. I partner with a long time friend who is an expert software architect and developer. We have a team of 5 developers who help us implement our work.


I advise companies on financial and strategic matters. I have worked with companies from pre-seed stage all the way through going and being public companies and every step in between. I generally focus on SaaS companies (consumer and enterprise), robotics/automotive/industrial businesses, and marketplaces. I have had the great opportunity to work with some awesome companies like DataRobot,, Fabric, Phantom Auto, Demisto, ClearMotion, Avochato, IonQ, Vanta, Rossum and Airvet.

I started the RevOps company and the fund so that I could effectively advise and be involved with more companies in a more efficient and aligned way.

Some Chronology:

1988 - 2007: Growing Up

Grew up spending my time building (and breaking) stuff while also dabbling in finance (somehow).

My mom found this photo in my room in 2017... looks like it dates back to ~Q1 2000.


2007 - 2011: Stanford

Studied Mechanical engineering at Stanford. Also did some finance stuff and took photos for the Football and Basketball teams.

Built some cool stuff:

Lego Sloth:
Lasercam Sloth:
Supersonic hybrid rock motor:
A giant metal clock:

2011 - 2013: Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley technology investment banking based in Menlo Park. Worked with an internet company on an IPO, a software company on an M&A exit, a semiconductor company on an IPO, and a few other things. Learned from some of the best in the business about how to value and position fast-growing technology companies.

2013 - 2016: NEA

Had 3 great years working at NEA alongside some amazing partners including Harry Weller.

2016 - 2017: GE Israel

Moved to Israel and spent the year working at GE Ventures.

2017 - 2020: Advising

Started advising companies full time. Starting with, DataRobot, Demisto, Avochato, Fabric, Vanta, Airvet, Phantom Auto, and others.

2020 - Present: Verissimo Ventures
  • Launched to scale up advising through investing in early stage companies.
  • Launched Avodaso to scale up advising through RevOps implementations.

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